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Justinian Law Society of Rhode Island members are engaged in activities directed toward fostering a spirit of good fellowship, maintaining honor and dignity of the legal profession, performing civic duties, administering justice, and promoting the study of law.

The Society promotes continuing education in law, supports the advancement of qualified and distinguished Justinians in public office, serves the Italian-American legal profession and the community, and strives to uphold a positive image and take action against negative stereotyping against Italian-Americans.

JLS Mission Statement

The membership of The JLS are men and women sharing a common heritage drawn together as a professional organization whose purpose is to promote charitable, educational and professional causes, regardless of race or religion. We endeavor to educate the members and the public on the laws of the United States and Rhode Island, the history, culture, and accomplishments of Americans of Italian heritage and the contribution of the Justinian Code to the world's history and law.

The purpose of the Justinian Law Society of Rhode Island is to provide a forum to improve the administration of justice, to conduct workshops, seminars, lectures, and other educational events; to generally promote the interchange of ideas and to encourage the cooperation amongst member attorneys as to all matters concerning the legal profession.

The National Italian American Bar Association

The National Italian American Bar Association is a non-profit corporation founded in 1983 to advance the interestes of the Italian American legal community and to improve the administration of justice. NIABA members include judges, law professors, law students and attorneys in the private and public sectors.

A National Voice

As a national organization with members throughout the United States, NIABA communicates the views of its members to federal and state officials on matters of common concern, with an eye toward improving the administration of justice.

Continuing Legal Education

NIABA conducts legal seminars on a wide range of legal topics, covering timly issues in the private and public sectors.

Student Scholarship Aid

NIABA provides law students with education scholarships and sponsors an annual student writing contest.

International Legal Exchanges

Working with American and Italian universities, as well as U.S. Italian-American organizations, NIABA promotes education programs in Italy and student exchange programs between Italy and the United States.


NIABA members receive a quarterly Newsletter and a copy of the NIABA Law Journal, "The Digest."

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Featured Event

St. Joseph's Day CLE

March 19, 2018

Aurora Civic Association
289 Broadway
Providence, RI 02903

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